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Premium Marketing Services

Inbounds, Warm Transfers, Leads

Award Winning Marketing Agency

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Embrace The Future of Marketing With AI-based Solutions

Stay Agile In The Age of Digital Disruption

ChatGPT, Intelligent Call Centre Software, Consumer Data, and Internal Media Buying

ChatGPT (

Leverage artificial intelligence to interact with your ideal customer at a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing strategies.

Marketing has never evolved more quickly. The automation of a single, well-placed AI can outperform entire departments of full-time staff.

Consumer Data

Not sure where to start? Don't worry. We use our own consumer data for all of our campaigns.

Our data aggregate is sourced from a blend of past internal media buying campaigns, live leads, and approved 3rd party vendors.


Tell us the offer and we'll start dialling our 6 million records (and counting) to set you appointments, send you leads, or deliver warm transfers.

Dedicated Call Centre Reps

Unleash our expert call centre agents. Our team dials millions of Canadian consumers and qualifies prospects interested in various products and services across the country.

Our agents have experience in a broad range of verticals including life insurance, debt settlement/consolidation, auto insurance, mortgage loans, injury law, and gutter cleaning.

Internal Media Buying

The fewer people in the middle, the lower the costs.


At the heart of every successful OAO (Owned and Operated) campaign is at least one expert media buyer.

QuoteWay's founders have run over 55 million dollars in media. We've taken the risks. We've learned the lessons for you.

We Take 100% of The Risk
Performance Model

Pay Per Result

QuoteWay does not work on retainer.

We absorb 100% of startup costs including ad copywriting, ad creative, voice actors, on-screen actors, website/funnel development, paid traffic, television airtime, call centre staffing, telephony, DNC subscriptions, and anything else that is required.

Our compensation is a per call, per lead or per appointment structure paid weekly after delivery.

Quality is assured with the use of buffers for calls, custom filters for leads and appointments, and CPA monitoring for all campaigns using buyer-generated dispositions.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Live Calls Delivered


Media Purchased


Dialable Records


Industry Awards

Partners and Clients

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Sales Teams Are On Life Support

Sales teams across the country are suffocating due to a lack of new clients.

If we take on all of the financial risks, what are you waiting for?

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