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When Did Marketing Become About Fitting In?

Canadian marketers are at least 10 years behind the marketers in the USA.


Worse technology, higher customer acquisition costs, and countless outdated infrastructures. Big brands are playing it safe and it's holding the industry back.


What, and How

QuoteWay’s mission is to accelerate the optimization of marketing in Canada to meet and then exceed the standards and quality of the USA...




Marketers selling leads, calls, or appointments should get paid per result (not before delivering the results they said they could deliver).


This crucial measure protects buyers' cash reserves, and ultimately puts the pressure where it belongs - with the marketers.


Canada's publishers need to collaborate. Data aggregators, media buyers and agencies with buyer networks need to pool their assets, and sign non-competes when it's reasonable to do so.

Many of the key assets needed to rapidly improve the state of Canadian marketing are siloed away with companies that either don't know what they're sitting on, or aren't under enough pressure yet to share what they've built.

QuoteWay is owned by two life insurance experts and one very connected developer.


For more on the QuoteWay Backstory, click here

We take pride in the fact that we are sales professionals turned marketers... NOT marketers fumbling around in the world of sales.

We speak the language. CPAs matter. Persistency matters. Agent morale, close rates and LTVs all matter.

All of our campaigns are built as if we are building them for ourselves - because when we started, they were for ourselves.

A Perfect Fit
The Right Team For The Mission

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